Inspiring Living Room Wall Art For 2018

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As we move into 2018, many people will resolve to live differently. Often it’s losing weight, dropping bad habits, or adjusting their lifestyle in one way or another. Sometimes those things stick with us, other times they don’t. But what better way to make 2018 awesome than by surrounding yourself with things that inspire you? In the first part of our series making your home inspiring, we’ll look at art for your living room. Unless you take it down, it will give you a regular boost of creativity, regardless of how the rest of your resolutions work out.

Abstract Art – Original Paintings and Art Prints From ArtGalleryIndigo

A wine and black abstract watercolor painting

A large canvas print of abstract ocean art

If you’re into abstract art, artist¬†Agnes Koch does amazing work from her studio in Stuttgart, Germany.

Her work focuses on spontaneous expression. Of her work and creative process, she writes:

I would like my paintings to act as a contemplative space where the viewer can make their own connections and form their own interpretations. My aim is to express something of the transience and vulnerability of the human condition as well as the surreal and fragmented nature of the world around us.My way of working is about the balance between control and unpredictability. Chance and risk are allowed full scope, so that intention and the unexpected converge.”

Check out her work on her Etsy shop, “ArtGalleryIndigo“.

Patent Prints

A patent print of Batman's vehicles

A patent print of sailboats

Let’s go to the other end of the design spectrum for a moment. I’m a long-time-fan of things like “exploded diagrams” and technical drawings. It seems that Patent Prints on Etsy is, too. If your living room is more on the modern side of design, a print like these could pull that together nicely, especially if the room feels sparse.

But even if your living room isn’t feeling sparse, their design selection is big enough to accommodate whatever your theme is. Here we’ve shown the vehicles of Batman series, and a patent print of a sailboat. My maritime-themed living room would do well with the boat print.

The other nice thing about Patent Prints is that their work comes in a variety of sizes, and their pricing is reasonable.

Foil City Maps and Coastal Art

Goal Foil New Orleans Print

Four prints of various whales

I’m not sure whether to mention the gold foil maps or the whale prints first. Both are gorgeous. What stands out to me about the foil maps is how different they are from most wall art. If you have a lot of prints or photos on your walls these will change it up a bit.

But those whale prints.

What I love about them is how they feel a bit like old vintage prints. They have the illustration work up-front, but also beautiful script font to give detail to the individual pieces. Their Etsy listing shows them in a nursery, but they would go front and center in an elegant living room or study.

Visit Coastal Print Design on Etsy

Words Worth Noting – Well-Designed Scripture Art

A mountain with the words from Isaiah in a script font

Behold, I make all things new printed over a picture of a flower

For some people, the most inspirational thing is a well-designed quote from the Bible with accompanying artwork. If that rings true for you, Words Worth Noting has what you’re needing. But don’t worry, this isn’t the generic craft store Bible art you might expect.

The first print is a verse from Isaiah 43:1, elegantly written under imagery of a watercolor mountain. Of all the options around it, the boldness paired with the elegance of a script font drew me in.

The second print has a verse from Revelation 21:5, which says, “Behold, I am making all things new.” Like the other print by Words Worth Noting, the boldness, finesse, and colors are spot-on.

See the rest of Words Worth Noting’s shop on Etsy.

Nature Photography By Botanique Magique Shop

Yellow blossoms and the sun
Trees and autumn leaves
It’s not hard to find nature and floral photos. What is difficult is finding nature and floral photos that capture more than just a beautiful picture. These two examples from Botanique Magique Shop manage to grab the feeling of spring and autumn while allowing the photos to be “pretty”.

They have other photos which capture particular types of flowers and plants. All of them are beautiful. But these two specifically will add a bit of mood to your living room while still inspiring you to get out in nature.

Visit BotaniqueMagiqueShop on Etsy to see the rest.

Watercolor Illustration and Prints by Rose Henges

Have Less Do More in watercolor

Aslan, illustrated in watercolor

Watercolor has the ability to inspire through elegance and finesse. If watercolor is the style you’re after, Rose Henges does incredible work. The first piece that caught my attention was her minimalist slogan “Have Less, Do More.” So while it’s beautiful from a design and artistic perspective, it also takes on a second layer of inspiration.

As someone who adores C.S. Lewis’ work, her Aslan-inspired piece is also meaningful. I know quite a few Narnia fans who would gush over it.

In her shop, you’ll find other bits of illustration and watercolor. Her pieces range from custom lettering to mountains, nature, and animal-inspired themes. So if you love the style, visit Rose Henges on Etsy.

Inpsiring Wood Art by Modern Textures

Dark and light wood art by modern textures

Wood art, ranging between blues and tans

Sometimes a painting, print, or poster is too much for your living room. Maybe you’re a fan of simplicity or the inherent beauty of wood grain. Either way, Henry at Modern Textures builds amazing displays that blend art and craftsmanship.

The first piece that caught my eye was a set of two that play the contrast of dark and light against each other. The warmer, chocolate tones contrast beautifully with the lighter tan wood. Because it’s a set, you can rotate them to suit your space and display preference.

If you love the idea of wood and physical depth but want color, he has you covered there, too. One of my favorites ranges from the neutral tans all the way to a bold blue before moving toward black.

There are other options that hold different aesthetics, but all of them look amazing. Check out Henry’s designs at the Modern Textures site, or the shop on Etsy.

Nature Photos By Dave De Costa

A fox in an open field

An eagle in flight

Fewer things inspire as much as nature, especially animals in the wild. If you have a favorite animal the selection process gets a whole lot easier. But if you’re like a lot of people, any animal can inspire you in one way or another.

But even if you don’t put a lot of thought into which animal should go on your living room wall, it’s not hard to find gorgeous photography that will suit your theme or interest. These two photos are just a small set of what Dave De Costa has available on his Etsy shop.

Framed Butterflies By Natural Butterflies

A Blue Morpho Butterfly under glass

An inspiring yellow swallowtail butterfly

Ten years ago I found a dead monarch butterfly and tried my hand at mounting it. My technique was awful. But even those ratty, poorly mounted butterflies inspire me when I see them. Most of the butterflies I purchased from our travels do a better job of that, however. If you aren’t in the habit of buying butterflies as souvenirs, it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy them on your living room walls. (Thank you, internet.)

The Blue Morpho butterfly is one of the most popular varieties, and I’ve never seen an ugly specimen. The iridescence is outstanding. But that doesn’t mean something like a Yellow Swallowtail won’t look just as great with its black and yellow patterning. You can find butterflies and moths to match the rest of your living room if you look hard enough. Of all the art in my house, the butterflies are some of my favorites.

Visit Natural Butterflies on Etsy.

Get Inspired

Regardless of your style, the options are without limit. The hardest part, at least for me, is figuring out which piece in any given style to put on display. But if you choose to live an inspired life in 2018, you’ll be amazed at how that changes everything. Happy designing!