Joshua Davis – Daily Generative Art Wallpapers

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Speaking very personally here, Joshua Davis is likely my favorite artist. I’ll try not to go on and on about that. His work not only stands on its own merit, it crushed barriers and changed perceptions around how computers were viewed in the creation of art. There’s a whole article there, but we’re here to talk about his daily generative art wallpaper project.

Joshua Davis - Generative Art Wallpaper - Gray and Green Colors

Each of these is made on the Hype Framework for Processing, which he helped build and maintain. If you’re new to this kind of art, the biggest hurdle is that these were made with code. Some of the elements are drawn or rendered elsewhere, but like other types of glitch art, the composition is dependent on the system the artist builds.

Joshua Davis - Generative Art Wallpaper - Grays That Look Like SilkJoshua Davis - Generative Art Wallpaper - Using The Whole Spectrum of Colors

Joshua Davis is known for incorporating live input from controllers, video, and audio into his work. Though there’s no telling if any of these were created by those means.

Joshua Davis - Generative Art Wallpaper - Dark colors with pinks and blues Joshua Davis - Generative Art Wallpaper - White and Pinks with lots of negative space

You can download the wallpapers from